Coach, Mentor, Chartered Accountant & your Accounting Superhero with a no-bullshit policy

Stability & Growth achieved through guidance


All entrepreneurs face huge struggles in their journey. Most of the time, going through it alone and without help is an arduous process.

As a chartered accountant servicing hundreds of clients over the past 18 years, Faz draws his experiences and expertise in numbers to help entrepreneurs skip over potholes and roadblocks in their entrepreneurial journey.


Think Blue Ocean Strategy and connect it with the vast 70% oceanic surface area of Earth. How about the depth of that vast ocean and the 'mammoths' that lurk beneath? Would you rather be a small fish swimming in the sandy beaches or a goliath in the deep?

Drawing similarity between running a business and being a creature of the open seas, Faz runs a Monsters of the Deep series of entrepreneurial coaching and mentoring programmes with the objectives of creating STABILITY and GROWTH in business numbers.


Your 'Monsters of the Deep' Coach & Mentor


Named the Marlin Cluster Coaching, Megalodon Coaching Programme and Leviathan Mentoring Programme, Faz designed these to suit business-owners seeking to depend on their business for stable income and to grow their businesses beyond a certain plateau which plagued them for some time.


Every day, your business speaks to you in many ways. One of them is through the different NUMBERS it generates. If you can decipher these numbers well, you can respond to it with strategies that can unlock your full business potential and turn your dreams into a reality.

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Chartered Accountant, Singapore (ISCA) & Malaysia (MIA)

Registered Filing Agent (RA, ACRA) , Registered Corporate Secretary (SSM)