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I know you want to succeed and you deserve it too. I KNOW I can help. I have been doing it unofficially for a decade and recently I've started a programme called Monsters of the Deep (MOTD) which specially caters to small and growing companies and businesses to


Upcoming Monsters of the Deep Talk



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I have accumulated alot of knowledge that I was not conscious about, especially numbers. Now I'm not afraid of looking at the financial standing of my company. It helps me STRATEGISE, how do I GROW the business.

From the advise by Faz, it helps me realise my IDEAL dreams by not confining myself to a certain strategy because there are other ways of doing it.

Mdm Haniah Abdul Hamid
Owner & Principal, Cavenur Kindergarten Pte. Ltd., Singapore

If you have 2 minutes to spare, click above to listen to Mdm Haniah share her experience in the Leviathan programme.

(i) FOCUS through our Marlin Cluster Coaching programme, and

(ii) STABILISE through our Megalodon Coaching programme, and

(ii) GROW through our Leviathan Mentoring programme.



Every quarter, I will be holding an MOTD Talk to introduce this programme and how its had benefitted other business-owners just like you. I will also be sharing how I have helped many business-owners switch their mindsets and start WORKING ON their business instead of WORKING IN their business.


If you are an entrepreneur like me and you know how difficult running a business can be, what more attempting to stabilise and grow it, come and join me for this talk. No hype, no pressure, no bullshit.


As we have limited seats and our previous sessions were fully booked, please secure your seat by registering through the link below.

Ready to be massive in the deep blue?


our friend,

Accountant & Trusted Adviser

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Mr Nas Hakim
Owner, Hany's The Brunch Store, Singapore

If you have 2 minutes to spare, click above to listen to Mr Nas share his experience in the Marlin programme.

I get answers immediately by coming to this class. I do not need to go elsewhere to ask, to Google or whatsoever... Fazluddin (Faz) is very experienced.

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I have invoiced $2850 to at least 2 clients. This is really quite an achievement because the past few months before i met Faz, i was only invoicing clients $500 for the same amount of job I am doing.

Owner of Digital Onload

If you have 2 minutes to spare, click above to listen to Shasha share her experience in the Marlin Cluster Coaching programme.