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The Megalodon is the shark of all sharks, a 60-footer mega-shark whose size and strength remains unmatched by members of the Selachi family.

Building on the size and prowess of this behemoth of the deep, Faz attributes the key objective of building STABILITY in operations and cash flow into the Megalodon Coaching Programme.

Participants can look forward to the following features of this programme:


Megalodon Coaching Programme


Faz will coach participants on CREATING strategies, ASSESS effectiveness of those strategies and TWEAK strategies to achieve STABILITY.

  • Businesses in post-startup phase (2 - 3 years in business)
  • Facing irregular cash flows
  • Facing revenue start-stop syndromes
  • Those generating $100,000 - $250,000 per annum

How does it work?


Who is this for?


Programme Details

  • 6 months' EXCLUSIVE 1-on-1 programme with Faz
  • Monthly assignments
  • Fortnightly EXCLUSIVE 1-on-1 video-meets with Faz
  • Meet in person every month to review goal attainments
  • Discounted access to Accounting Superhero course
  • Access to 'Faz The Accountant' FB page videos
  • Live Q&A via private members - only Facebook/Whatsapp group