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The Marlin is the epitome of grace and beauty, a prized catch of all deep-sea fishermen with a focal attention point being its sharp snout.

Building on the deft and sporty nature of this schooling sailfish, Faz attributes the key objectives of focusing on business, making swift refinements and building on experiences from the group of fellow participants in the Marlin Cluster Coaching Programme.

Participants can look forward to the following features of this programme:


Marlin Cluster Coaching


Faz will coach participants on FOCUSING ON THEIR BUSINESS, DESIGNING and REFINING their business model from a financial perspective and achieving cash flow stability.

  • Businesses in startup phase (0 - 3  years in business)
  • Facing irregular cash flows
  • Facing revenue start-stop syndromes
  • Those generating $1 - $150,000 per annum

How does it work?


Who is this for?


Programme Details

  • 6 months' group programme with Faz & fellow Marlins
  • Monthly assignment
  • Meet in person every month to review goal attainments
  • Discounted access to Accounting Superhero course
  • Access to 'Faz The Accountant' FB page videos
  • Live Q&A via private members - only Facebook/Whatsapp group